Ep. 35: Wealth Creator Moment: How to Improve Your Relationship With Money

Wealth Creator Moment: How to Improve Your Relationship With Money

My goal is to help wealth creators become more conscious of their emotional responses to money, especially given their particular money history and how it plays out in their current relationship to money and wealth.

That is why I created the The Money EQ Assessment. This assessment provides a framework for understanding how and why you are feeling the way you do, and assurance that your feelings about wealth are normal. Examining where you fit within the four areas of Money EQ can open pathways to understanding and begin a healthier emotional relationship with money.

It’s important to emphasize, our Money EQ isn’t a number. It is a set of emotions related to money that drive your behaviors concerning money. Some of us sail through decisions concerning money with confidence, while others struggle. Each of us has a unique emotional relationship with money — one that is influenced by a host of attitudes, opinions and past experiences. These combined elements predispose us to living a life where money works in a positive way to achieve our goals, or money works against us, leaving us feeling uncomfortable or unfulfilled.

I invite you to take the Money EQ Assessment online at www.jcchristianson.com/assessment, and gain a better understanding of your own emotional intelligence when it comes to money.

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