Ep. 34: How to Find More Purpose with Sebastian Terry

How to Find More Purpose with Sebastian Terry

I’m excited to have author, speaker, TV show host and Founder of Kind-Sum, Sebastian Terry join me on this episode of the Wealth Confidant.

I first met Sebastian at a conference in the Bay area, where we both had keynote speaking gigs. He and I immediately hit it off and I knew we needed to continue our conversation. So, I flew down to Southern California, to pay him a visit.

At the ripe-old age of 27, Sebastian Terry realized that like most people, he had not achieved anything on his long-forgotten bucket list. During an overseas trip, and after the unexpected death of a close friend, Sebastian decided to put pen to paper and create his list, which he called 100 Things. He decided that he would set out on a journey and with the goal of checking items off the list along the way.

This eventually turned into an internationally published book, a Discovery Networks documentary and most importantly an interactive website for people to share their goals and inspire others to chase their dreams.

Sebastian’s latest project is called Kindsum. Kindsum is a meeting place for human kindness, introducing people who’d like help, to people who CAN help. It offers peer-to-peer helping opportunities for non-financial acts of kindness. You can find out more about Sebastian by following him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @seb100things. And make sure you sign up for his newsletter at: www.kindsum.com.

I can’t wait to share this episode with you, I think you’re really going to enjoy it!

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