Anything is Possible


Living FullyTM is flourishing in all facets of life that matter most to you.

Most people want to experience greater happiness and fulfillment in their lives, but the intense pursuit of success can lead to a widening gap between their ideal life and the one they are currently experiencing. At the end of your life, you’ll look back and evaluate whether you used your gifts to pursue your passions, spent time doing the things you love, invested in meaningful relationships, and impacted the world in positive ways to maximize your return on life.
John and his wife Kelle have embraced Living Fully in their lives, which they define as flourishing in every facet of life that matters to you. It’s a holistic and thoughtful approach to defining success. Their experiences led to founding the Living Fully Project, a company that provides tools for individuals to experience a life of purpose, joy, love, and connection. Their goal is to help as many people as possible experience Living Fully.
The concept of Living Fully is foundational to John’s financial advisory practice. He recognizes that often professionals in the financial services industry know how to talk about money and help clients make smart financial decisions but are missing important skills and strategies to meet clients at the intersection of life and money. To bridge this gap, he created the Wealth Confidant Master Class to train advisors in Living Fully and help their clients create lives of greater meaning and purpose.

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