Hello, Someday is a book to inspire and celebrate your retirement

Filled with questions, inspirations, ideas, and activities to encourage new thinking and new possibilities, it celebrates everything you’ve accomplished so far and all that is still to come. Here’s to new passions, new experiences, new adventures, and new ways to fall in love with your life. Here’s to your someday. Someday is here. You’ve arrived at the corner of what if? And why not? It’s the place where you get to explore your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. So much of life has been structured around obligations, responsibilities, and to-do lists. But now you are turning the page to a brand new chapter. A chapter that opens up to possibilities, passions, and can’t-wait-to-do lists. Written by award-winning author Kobi Yamada and financial advisor John C. Christianson, founder and CEO of Highland Private Wealth Management, Inc.

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