Ep. 16: Wealth Creator Moment: What’s Your Highest Contribution?

Wealth Creator Moment: What’s Your Highest Contribution?

In this installment of the Wealth Creator Moment, I talk about how to find your own unique calling and bring your highest contribution to the world.

Step 1: Look to Your Past.

Your unique contribution is likely tied to events or periods of time in the past. Experiences (good & bad) in your past often develop new areas of talent and gifts.

Step 2: Forgive Yourself…and Others.

Realize that new possibilities can come from loss. Allow doors to close so that new doors can open up. Don’t get stuck in anger about your past – you wouldn’t be where you are today without it!

Step 3: Dream Big!

Take the skills and feedback you’ve received over the years and then start dreaming and brainstorming how you could take your unique skill set and share it with the world. Remember – anything is possible!


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