Ep. 14: Cliff Feigenbaum, Founder of The GreenMoney Journal

Cliff Feigenbaum, Founder of The GreenMoney Journal

I believe how we use and invest money is a reflection of who we are. I can determine what you care about and support by looking at your spending patterns. Likewise, your investments impact the world in good and damaging ways, too. They tell a story about your values and beliefs. Think of your investments as a journey of conscious choice, with a goal to have “cleaner money” and not perfection.

In this episode of The Wealth Confidant Podcast, I talk with Cliff Feigenbaum creator of The Green Money Journal. Cliff started The Green Money Journal 25 years ago, to provide readers information about how to align your money with your values. This publication encourages and promotes the awareness of sustainable business, investing and consumer resources, as known as, Socially Responsible Investing or SRI.

You can learn more at www.greenmoneyjournal.com

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