Ep. 39: The Keys to Entrepreneurial Success with Martina Welkhoff

The Keys to Entrepreneurial Success with Martina Welkhoff

I find myself drawn to people who are on a mission to change the game, & challenge old ways of thinking.

Martina Welkhoff is one of those people. Martina is a serial entrepreneur who’s entrepreneurial journey has resulted in many successful businesses ventures, including Zealyst & ConveneVR.

Now, Martina is broadening her contribution and leverage as the co-founder of WXR Fund.

WXR is a venture fund investing in women-led startups building the technologies that will be foundational to the future of computing: virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain. WXR also provides community infrastructure to support women leaders in emerging tech. The investment thesis is rooted in both social and economic impact: WXR aims to help build a more inclusive industry from the ground up as well as leverage the unique economic opportunity that current demographic imbalances create.

You can learn more about Martina and WXR by visiting their website: www.wxrfund.com and following them on social media at the handle @wxrfund.

During this episode, Martina and I discuss:

  • Her hopes for gender equality and her hopes for where she sees the industry going.
  • What she looks for in founders, when making investment decisions for her fund.
  • As well as, other tips for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to create a truly wealthy life.

Thanks for tuning into my conversation with Martina. I hope her story inspires you on your own journey of self discovery. Remember, anything is possible, now go live fully!

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