Ep. 57: Trevor Moawad on the Power of Neutral Thinking

Trevor Moawad on the Power of Neutral Thinking

Be positive. Think on the bright side. We’ve all heard advice like this at some point in our lives. We also know that changing your mindset isn’t as easy as flipping a switch.

While studies do show that thinking and speaking negatively can have a hugely adverse effect on us, “being positive” just isn’t a realistic solution for many people.

Today’s guest, Trevor Moawad, emphasizes a different strategy: neutral thinking.

Trevor is the founder of Moawad Consulting Group. He specializes in mental conditioning for high performing athletes like Russell Wilson as well as military and business organizations.

Trevor is also the author of the upcoming book, It Takes What It Takes. Readers will learn how to apply his methods to their own lives in order to overcome challenges — and thrive.

To learn more about Trevor and his work, visit moawadconsultinggroup.com

Trevor and I dig into:

  • What we can learn from top athletes.
  • How to become a judgment-free thinker.
  • The impact language has on our mindset.
  • The importance of discipline and process in moving beyond the negative.

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Music: “Day Is Gonna Come” by Royal Deluxe

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