Ep. 48: NBA Veteran Troy Murphy on the Realities of Sudden Wealth

NBA Veteran Troy Murphy on the Realities of Sudden Wealth

Former NBA star Troy Murphy has made it his mission to assist clients in managing their newfound resources. He’s also committed to creating financially prepared, responsible, and savvy consumers.

Troy entered the professional sports world at age 20 to play for the Golden State Warriors and found himself and his teammates grappling with how to handle their new financial reality.

Unlike wealth creators in the business world, professional athletes spend most of their time focused on their craft without gaining real-world money management experience.

After retiring from basketball, Troy set out to become the resource he wished he’d had when he was a rookie. He recently launched his own financial advisory firm called Sweven Wealth. Sweven is tuned to the needs of athletes and 100% of their profit is donated to high school consumer awareness and financial literacy programs.

To check out Troy’s work as an investment advisor and philanthropist, head over to swevenwealth.com

Troy and I also discuss:

  • How to define yourself outside of work
  • Where he finds true fulfillment
  • Practical advice based on his own money experience
  • Who the greatest NBA player of all time really is

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