Ep. 45: Modeling Medicine’s Future with Lucas Nivon, Founder of Cyrus Biotechnology

Modeling Medicine’s Future with Lucas Nivon, Founder of Cyrus Biotechnology

Today’s guest, Lucas Nivon, is the founder of Cyrus Biotechnology, a company whose mission is to help scientists harness powerful technology to create drugs that save lives.

Lucas attended Harvard in the early 2000’s surrounded by ambitious and inventive classmates — people like Mark Zuckerberg. After completing his undergraduate degree, Lucas was inspired to explore the intersection of his two interests: science and technology.

This meant moving across the country to complete his postdoctoral work at the University of Washington in the lab of pioneering computational biologist and biochemist, David Baker.

During his work at the Baker Lab, Lucas decided it was time to scratch his entrepreneurial itch and start his own company, Cyrus Biotechnology.

Cyrus’s work is based on a powerful protein-modeling software called Rosetta. By offering molecular scientists a new, more accessible interface for using Rosetta, Cyrus shortens the platform’s learning curve and allows more scientists and companies to make use of the revolutionary software. You can learn more by visiting their website and follow them on Twitter @cyrusbiotech

During this episode, Lucas and I discuss:

  • How his peers’ entrepreneurial spirit shaped his own career path
  • His knack for recognizing problems and what drives him to take enterprising action toward solutions
  • How to balance the demands of starting your own company with life and relationships
  • Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to create a life of meaning and purpose

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