Ep. 43: Mastering Your Money with Danielle Town

Mastering Your Money with Danielle Town

My guest today, Danielle Town, is a great example of someone who has put her money to work in a responsible way.

Danielle is a former corporate startup attorney and now co-hosts the InvestED podcast with her father, Phil Town, noted investor and author of the bestselling book, Rule #1.

Danielle’s own book, Invested, is a twelve-month plan for financial freedom. She writes about her longtime aversion to investing and what motivated her to begin putting her money to work in a responsible way following Warren Buffett-style value investing philosophy.

Danielle emphasizes that our feelings about money in the present can interfere with having a more prosperous future.

Check out Invested to find practical tips for making the complex world of investing approachable. You can learn more about Danielle and her work at her website.

On this episode, Danielle and I explore:

  • The baggage that money can create
  • That trust is vital to a positive investing experience
  • How she changed her relationship to money
  • The power of money and how to wield it for good

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