Ep. 21: Wealth Creator Moment: Holding Loosely

Wealth Creator Moment: Holding Loosely

In one of the previous episodes, we talked about how to find your calling and how through coming through pain can sometimes point us towards places that lead us to purpose and to calling.  I wanted to share a little about my calling and what’s going on in my life right now.  Over the last year, I’ve been going through the process of writing a book! It’s been a really fun, invigorating and challenging exercise to go through, and one that’s been super exciting.

I believe this book is a big part of my purpose or calling. I have personally evolved from focusing on pure wealth creation to doing this podcast work, writing, speaking and helping people turn meaningful wealth into a meaningful life.

As things have progressed and I’ve put more intention around this goal, it’s caused more anxiety, because things are working!

I landed an agent quite quickly. From there, I began writing a book proposal that was quite extensive. Now that’s out for publishers to review and I’ve gotten a couple of no’s and this has created some level of fear and worry. My natural reaction when I find myself in these types of situations, is to figure out a way to push my way through to the outcome I want. I tend to muscle things through instead of just letting the door be opened. My ego gets in the way. This usually leaves me feeling more stressed, nervous and anxious and at the end I wind up wondering if maybe a different door would have opened if I’d given it more time.
The exact thing happens when I’m rowing. For those of you who don’t know, it’s very much about your legs and about pushing with your legs. A lot of people think it’s an upper body exercise, but it really involves a high degree of legwork.

There’s lots of technique in rowing and sometimes it’ll take me 15 -20 minutes into the workout where I finally have to get myself so tired that I stop thinking. I stop trying to pull hard with my arms. I stop trying to think about every possible thing, and just let my body do the work. Let the stroke happen and it only happens when I get myself so tired that I just can’t think about it anymore that way. Isn’t that interesting that we can push and push and push on things and if we just let them happen, if we just let life go and the doors open that are supposed to be opening, they’ll open. And if they’re not, there’s another door that’s supposed to open.

I hope there’s a few things here you take away from my experience. One is just maybe hold your opportunities with an open hand. Don’t let a door opening define you because there may be other opportunities that you just don’t see right now. The second one is that, in every no, there’s a yes. That idea that if a door is not opening, that there may be another opportunity somewhere else. Another door could open for you somewhere else, and it might not look exactly the way you thought, but it still might be a super cool outcome and something that would just really motivate and draw you forward in your life.

So, how can you take action towards those goals and still trust the process? Still have faith? Still believe, that that’s an outcome you want for your life, and I’m doing the same. I’m moving towards publishing a book and I’d like to have a publisher accept that proposal and in maybe the next podcast, I’ll be telling you about how that turned out!

But right now, I know I’m sitting in a space where I need to hold what I want in my life fairly loosely, and just trust and have faith. In my case, have faith that God has a plan that there’s something there, and if it’s not that plan, there’s another plan and that’s okay.

I hope this gives you something to think about today that’s different and a different angle on the way you might be considering calling in your life. Thanks for listening!

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