Ep. 20: Bryan & Becca Pape, Founder of MiiR & Director of Impact at MiiR

Bryan & Becca Pape, Founder of MiiR & Director of Impact at MiiR

This episode is coming to you “live” from MiiR’s headquarters in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle!

Bryan Pape is the Founder & CEO of MiiR, Becca Pape is the Director of Impact and decides what projects to invest in and get involved with.

In the early 2000’s, a life or death ski accident dramatically changed Bryan’s perspective on life. That moment created a ripple in his life that transformed the way business is done at MiiR. It’s taken him near and far from Boise Idaho to Buchanan Liberia where’s he’s been inspired by the joy and resiliency of those he has met.

MiiR exists to provide people with access to a better future. They’ve formed partnerships with many well known brands, such as Patagonia, Starbucks, Splash & Water First.

Every product they sell funds a trackable giving project.

MiiR pulls out the individual stories about the impact of their giving and can report back on how many people are receiving clean water, how their productivity is increasing, how their, their children are able to attend school because they’re not sick at home, etc. They do this by providing their customers with a “Give Code” that customers plug in online to view the project they helped fund. It’s a model that they’re proud of, and many resonate with.

Their products range from bikes, to bags, to drink-ware. Make sure you check them out at www.miir.com


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