Ep. 19: Wealth Creator Moment: Life Portfolio 101, Part 2

Wealth Creator Moment: Life Portfolio 101, Part 2

In today’s episode, I want to continue explaining the concept of the Life Portfolio. There are 7 different stocks that make up the Life Portfolio. Similar to what we want in normal investing, we want a well-balanced, well-diversified, successful portfolio to return well, to return on your life well. It’s really the idea that I want you to flourish in all parts of your life.,

This is the second part of a two part series. Make sure you go back and listen to Part #1, if you missed it.

Here’s a brief refresher of the first 4 stocks:

#1 Financial Capital
#2 Vocational Capital
#3 Social Capital
#4 Experiential Capital

#5 Physiological Capital – Your physiological capital is your health stock, if you will. This includes both your physical and emotional health and the idea and the importance really of fitness and of just having a both a strong body, but also a healthy mind and the emotional health that is required. I talked a little bit about that in a recent podcast related to some things that were going on with a sports star at WSU and how it’s important for us to think about that when we are considering our own lives is, “Are we healthy emotionally? Are we healthy physically? Our emotional health and/or physical health are large contributors to life satisfaction.

#6 Intellectual Capital – Your intellectual capital is your mind stock. This is the idea of continuous learning, of being curious about your personal growth and development. Staying away from being static. I want my mind to keep growing and to be learning and to be conscious of that is super important. It can be easy to lose focus, especially when you get to a certain level of wealth, we can become stagnant. What I want to experience in my own life is to be constantly challenged and growing and learning new things and that’s where this stock can bring tremendous joy and tremendous happiness to our lives.

This is one of the reasons why I’m not a huge fan of the concept of retirement. A lot of people can move themselves towards this retirement outcome, this retirement finish line to then be sitting there going, okay, I no longer am engaged in work I care about I don’t have an identity for where to put all the, or even a place to put all my talent and skill and training and expertise and influence. That’s where our mind can get stagnant, can get sabotaged into just not being expanded, not growing. I believe if we’re not growing, we’re going backwards. We’re in some ways, shrinking in our, in our ability to function as or at our highest and best use and our highest and best purpose.

#7 Spiritual Capital – Your spiritual capital is otherwise known as your purpose stock. It’s where your faith is. It’s where your core values, who you are at a soul level. Some questions that come to mind in this space are, “What’s the meaning of life? Why am I here? What is my contribution to the world?” Spiritual capital, or purpose capital becomes a very important part of connecting to others but also answer the question, “what am I trying to contribute to the world in the best way I can?”

These are the final components of the Life Portfolio. The goal is that all of thos, pieces would align into a life that’s designed uh, by you to-to create the kind of life you want to live and being conscious and cognizant of each of those stocks in the portfolio and being aware that I want all of them to grow. I went them to generate returns, dividends, and total return, so that my life has-has the kind of meaning and the kind of outcome and I experience the kind of outcome that I really want to have and it can’t just be dominated by my money stock. It’s got to be the idea of looking at the full holistic expression of who I am and who you are and who you want to become.

Anyways, I hope that’s helpful and gives you a better understanding of The Life Portfolio and its purpose. I hope you have a great day today and go live fully!

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