Ep. 09: Martin Edlund and Jennifer DuHamel

Martin Edlund and Jennifer DuHamel

On this episode of The Wealth Confidant Podcast, I sit down with Martin Edlund and Jennifer DuHamel – an extremely bright, successful, entrepreneurial couple, who are determined to use their time, energy and talents to make an impact on the world around them.

Martin is the CEO of Malaria No More, an organization backed by Bill & Melinda Gates, the Clinton Health Access Initiative and many other global business leaders involved in the philanthropy space. As the name suggests, he and his team have set out to eradicate Malaria, one of the world’s oldest, most deadly diseases by the year 2040. Over the last ten years, Malaria No More has made incredible progress, with over 7 million lives saved and a 70% reduction in child deaths from the disease, mainly in Africa.

Jennifer is the owner of DuHamel Architecture, the Seattle based architecture design firm behind Molly Moon’s Ice Cream, Union Coffee, and many other local favorites. Jennifer began her career working in advertising in New York City. It was after the devastating events of 9/11, that Jennifer had a career epiphany and shifted her career pursuits to the architecture field. During our conversation, she noted, “After seeing those buildings come down, I was inspired to build something back up!” Her experience working at the top design firms in New York, paired with her intuitive & thoughtful nature, provides her the ability to create beautiful, aesthetically meaningful design for her clientele.

I was intrigued to learn more about why these two Ivy League grads decided to forgo the “traditional” route, and instead of pursuing corporate jobs and maxing out their compensation like many of their classmates, they chose a jobs that give them a true sense of purpose and allowed them to make contribution to the world NOW.

Throughout our discussion, Martin and Jennifer share insights on how they work together to achieve balance while juggling everything from their two high powered jobs, two kids and navigating the busyness that life brings.

I hope this conversation inspires you to be thoughtful and intentional about your life, no matter what phase of life you’re in. Enjoy!

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