Ep. 51: Empowering India’s Youth with Amitabh Shah

Empowering India’s Youth with Amitabh Shah

One common misconception around generosity is that you have to have abundant financial resources in order to affect change. But philanthropy can go beyond writing checks—we all have time, talent, and experience we can contribute to making the world a better place.

I met today’s guest, Amitabh Shah, in New York when I was speaking at the Harvard Club recently for my book tour. I was struck by his generous spirit and wanted to know more about what made him tick and the passion he has for impacting the world in significant ways.

Amitabh completed his MBA at Yale and passed up a Wall Street offer in order to devote his time to helping others. He believes that young people have the power and determination it takes to make a positive impact.

Amitabh himself was just 23 years old when he founded YUVA Unstoppable. YUVA, meaning “Youth,” mobilizes volunteers to help underprivileged children across India. One of the ways they do this is by providing necessities like water, bathrooms, and technology to some of India’s poorest public schools. All of these upgrades dramatically improve the lives of children and increase their access to education.

You can visit yuvaunstoppable.org for more information about Amitabh’s work.

During our conversation, we also get into:

  • The differences in generosity culture between India and the United States
  • How to give beyond writing checks
  • Where Amitabh’s big-hearted nature came from
  • The importance of gratitude

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