Ep. 25: Darin Leonard, CEO of Dream Dinners

Darin Leonard, CEO of Dream Dinners

Darin Leonard had it all. He had a high powered career at a well known corporation, he was unbelievably successful at a very young age. But as he got more recognition at work, he found he was getting more criticism at home. He wasn’t present for his wife & kids. His marriage was falling apart.

After a series of tragic events, he decided to leave his corporate gig and “rebalance” his Life Portfolio a bit. Darin shares the wisdom he gained during that time in his life, how he transitioned his career, as well as his thoughts on teaching kids about money. I also heard about his love for youth sports, coaching, and developing boys into young men. We both share the love of baseball and how sports coaching has the opportunity to mold and shape boys and girls positively.

Today, Darin is the CEO of Dream Dinners. This unique company was founded on a mission of bringing families together around the dinner table. Have you ever wondered why millennials are, the way they are? Darin thinks it’s because they’re the first generation to grow up without a dinner table and he’s made it his mission to bring it back.

Dream Dinners provides everything you need to assemble great dinners to enjoy as you relax and talk about the events of the day. They offer freedom from the hassles surrounding the planning and preparation of meals night after night.

In 2005, Dream Dinners established a foundation out of a deep commitment to serve local communities by providing opportunities through acts of service along with the desire of developing generations of leaders that live daily to love their neighbors as themselves.

Dream Dinners has served well over 100 million meals throughout the US and their Foundation has assembled approximately 1.5 million meals since 2012 that have been distributed in the US, Haiti and Tanzania.

You can find out more about this inspiring company by visiting their website: www.dreamdinners.com

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