Ep. 46: Bridging the Opportunity Gap with Craig Hall

Bridging the Opportunity Gap with Craig Hall

Craig Hall is an author, civic leader, and philanthropist who has started multiple businesses, including HALL Group when he was just eighteen years old.

Today, HALL Group’s business interests include everything from winemaking to early-stage investments in promising startups.

I was surprised to learn from Craig that entrepreneurship has declined dramatically over the last thirty years. Craig explores what he calls this “crisis of entrepreneurship” in his latest book, Boom: Bridging the Opportunity Gap to Reignite Startups.

He emphasizes that although new business ventures are booming in places like Silicon Valley, rural Americans, women, and people of color are facing more obstacles and benefit from fewer resources.

You can learn more about Craig and his work by visiting reignitestartups.com

Craig’s core beliefs as a philanthropist and perspective as an entrepreneur resonated with me as we talked about:

  • Advice for people who want to become their own boss
  • The impact of student debt and consolidation on the American Dream
  • Maintaining a healthy sense of risk
  • Caring about others as a way of life

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